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Because of technology is developping rapidly, every passing day world is becaming smaller, the borders between the countries are dissapearing and business competition is increasing. As a natural result of these developements, the companies need to find new markets and need to gain money not at the stage of selling but at the stage of buying.

Our company founded at 1995 and since that time is working as a representative in Textile field. With the help of our good relationships with the textile manufacturers in Far East, is serving to his customers in Turkey with good quality and competetive prices. Because of our customers in Turkey are very various and they demand a large scale of textile goods, today we can supply almost any kind of textile raw matterials for them.

With the result of our  customers demands, we decided to extend our businesses and founded our Export Department at 2001. Now, we don’t only help our customers to find good quality raw materials with competetive prices, but at the same time to help them to market their Products to abroad as well. Our export department continously searching the companies at abroad and trying to find new markets to our customers.

Our company which was focused on Textile since its foundation, started to work in different fields like Machines, Auto Spare Parts and Foodstuff after 2002. And created big achivements in these fields too.

Because of both in Import and both in Export, we give very big importance to reliability and the quality of the companies which we make cooperation, we achived to found good and continously relationships with our customers. The customers who prefere to work with the companies which we represent, knows that to work with us means to work with security and stability.